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School-to -Pupurpose Pipeline Mentorhip Program


At Strickland Educational Services, we believe that students are more likely to succeed when they feel they have a purpose and are supported towards realizing that purpose. With this in mind, we created the School-To-Purpose Pipeline Mentorship Program. Through this program, young black scholars from low-income communities will receive several services which will help align them with their purpose.

While helping students maximize their potential is of the utmost importance, our ultimate goal is to exemplify how collective work and responsibility can transform our communities. It is our desire that participants will one day return to their village and help another find their purpose.


By participating in this program students are offered the following services :

  • Mentorship by someone who aligns with their goals

  • Assistance with post-secondary planning

  • Funds to help offset the cost of Junior/Senior year*

  • Improving literacy through participating in the Change the Narrative Book Club*

Our name is a take on the term “school-to-prison-pipeline” which is a system perpetuated in public schools that calls for extreme disciplinary action in response to negative student behavior. According to statistics, harsh punishment in school can lead to corporal punishment, especially for black students..


Our name reflects our desire to disrupt this adverse trend. Students should feel a sense of purpose through their educational journey.  ALL kids deserve a chance to self-actualize and realize that they have value. We wish to enrich their lives with tools and experiences that could help them overcome the effects of systemic discrimination.


We exist to give Black students the opportunity to thrive in and beyond school, in the hopes that they will continue to build themselves and their communities.


  • Must be enrolled in high school (public, charter, private, homeschool)

  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA (however, we will work towards a 3.0 by the end of the school year/graduation).

  • Participate in the Change the Narrative Book Club & Summer Project

  • Participate in community service initiatives

  • Construct and implement a Plan of Action (an achiveable plan to reach academic and personal goals before graduation)



The foundation of learning is literacy. Through the Change the Narrative Book Club, students get the opportunity to engage with literacy through reading texts that will challenge their thinking. We aim to 'change the narrative' that black students DO NOT read. We will show you that they are!

Each semester and over the summer, students receive a new book which they will be responsible for reading. Throughout the semester, we will meet to discuss the readings. Discussing the text helps students better process the text, which is a skill essential to comprehension. Our goal is to have each student read 3-4 books in a year (that's 12 - 16 books before they graduate high school, if they start our program Freshman year!)

Because we encourage literacy, we want students to build their personal libraries. This means that students are able to keep the books they receive. Please consider donating to our book fund so that we can continue changing the narrative!


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