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Our Story 

Strickland Educational Services was created with education in mind, particularly the education in predominantly minority communities. Data has shown that students from these communities typically score lower on standardized tests and are more likely to drop out of school than students of other racial & social demographics. We are here to be a catalyst for change and help those students reach their full potential. We understand that this is a colossal task, but we are up for the challenge.

To uplift & transform marginalized communities through high quality educational programs aimed at improving literacy and planning for successful futures.

We believe that education is the key to transforming marginalized communities. We aim to support these communities by providing high quality educational services for teachers, students, and parents focused on literacy, skills development, & exposure. Our ultimate goal, however, is to demonstrate how collective work and responsibility can uplift communities.




Executive Director

Kenya Strickland

Board Member

Community Engagement Chair

LaQuinta Alexander

Board Member

Board Secretary

Jasmine Wilkins

Board Member

Education & Development Chair

Taylirre Mack




Thank you for visiting us today! I hope you have learned much about what we offer and are inspired by our mission to uplift & transform marginalized communities. By doing our part, we hope to demonstrate how collective work and responsibility can uplift and transform these communities. 

My decision to start Strickland Educational Services (SES) stems from my experience growing up and then eventually teaching in low-income neighborhoods. I have witnessed firsthand how negative assumptions are made about people from these areas. I have also witnessed how those assumptions have affected education in those areas. What people fail to realize is that these communities are  abundant with potential and house our future leaders.

Children of these communities deserve the chance to unlock their full potential. What they do not deserve is to have their aspirations stifled by systemic barriers and limited resources. Educators and parents in these communities are also affected by these structural limitations. They too deserve to have equitable access to resources they need support their children. 

Through Strickland Educational Services, I aim to support these three essential groups: teachers, students, and parents. Each is vital to our mission of changing academic outcomes and uplifting communities. The task is great, but collectively, we can create a brighter future where education is the great equalizer, not a barrier. 

Join us on this journey of upliftment through education. I am positive you will find it rewarding. 

With love,



Jelani Marks

Board Member

Donor Engagement Chair

Saffa Wilkes

Board Member

Donor Engagement Chair

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